About us


GBU Enterprises was hatched in 2006. Sam Abdaljawad and I, Naomi
started working together with our reptiles and Sam’s very good friend
Glenn Brooks joined the picture. With Glenn being a pastor and Sam
being Sam it was a given that GBU (for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)
would be our name. As I always say, “everyone has a dark side”.
Our combined experience encompassed over half a century ( I will
blame Glenn for the increase of years) . Glenn left the partnership
because of personal reasons but he will always be part of us.

Sam’s expertise is in breeding high end Ball pythons and Hognose
snakes. He came to me with a fear of spiders but he now handles them
with great skill and he can sex them where I can not.
Just let a little wolf spider cross his path though…
My love is in the arachnids and rare colubrids, especially rear
fanged animals. With our varied interests and ever growing collection
we opened our shop May of 2010. With heavy heart we chose to close
our shop in 2013 and moved our business back to our home.

We can safely boast of having some of the rarest and most varied
collection of animals in the area. The piece de resistance for me are my
amphisbaena, the rarely see and very odd worm lizards. Sam favorite
are actually some of our birds. Coco and Tiny, who if you had ever come
into our shop you would have met. Coco is our timnah african grey and
Tiny is the smallest serama chicken at 5.25 inches that Sam has ever produced.
Here at the house she lives a free life outdoors, but waits patiently ( and oft
times if we are late rather impatiently pacing) at the front door. When
invited in she goes directly to her bed to sleep the night. Sam’s favorite
reptile though is his hognose snakes.

For those who are curious, BamBam is living in a large outdoor
enclosure here with us.